We pay attention to motivate and to share, to improve the salary welfare system, and actively promote the performance management system, let employees Shared with enterprise operating results, and encourage employees to the pursuit of excellence. We recommend using internal selection and outside simultaneously, poly talents. Through the establishment of multi-channel professional channel, developing talent, retain talent.

We appreciate the down-to-earth person, more respect for innovation, to take on responsibilities. Excellent quality, highly professional spirit is what we call, for the almighty, we are fully authorized, for the work, we give. We emphasize system management, and director of choose and employ persons, not stick to one pattern. Talents, to discover talents, is we have been pursuing.

We provide to you, is not only a job, but a broad career development space, a can let you give full play to the strengths, talents and creativity of the life stage!
Foreign trade salesman
Requirement: College degree and above, international trade or English, Russian major; 
Good communication and adaptability, proficient in spoken English, strong communication skills; Proficiency in office software operations such as OFFICE;
Experience in foreign trade work with generators is preferred
Contact: Mr. Zhang
Contact number: 18950528686


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